Smartphone Competition

Mon 26 Apr 2021 7:30pm

After our recent presentation on smartphone photography, it was suggested that we run a competition dedicated to the subject. Just for this competition the rules are that:

a) All photographs must be taken between the opening and closing dates of the competition (the 10th March to the 12th April)

b) Any editing of photographs must be carried out using the phone ONLY i.e. just using apps available on your phone, no uploading to your PC and using Photoshop!

They'll be 2 sections (mono and colour) with 2 photos for each, so a total of 4 images per member. 

There's no restrictions on subject, and given that we'll still be subject to some lockdown rules, don't forget you can get creative in your own home or garden with abstracts, macro and whatever else you may have hidden away in your advanced camera settings!

Lansdowne Hall
Petty Lane
Derry Hill
SN11 9QY