Photographing the Night Sky - Pete Colley

Tue 18 Jan 2022 7:30pm
This talk is in conjunction with RWB Camera Club.
"Our eyes can only glimpse a tiny fraction of the incredible light shows and the beautiful objects that our night skies have to offer. But with the cameras and lenses that most photographers already 
have, we can capture the stunning displays and many of the amazing astronomical objects that will only reveal themselves after the sun sets. 
In this talk I’ll present nightscapes that include our moon, noctilucent clouds, aurorae and zodiacal light; stars trailing around the celestial pole, comets and meteors flying through the night; 
the intricate beauty of our own galaxy; and distant nebulae that we can, at best, barely see with the naked eye. 
And I’ll share useful resources to help you plan your night time outings and advise you on lenses and camera settings. 
Following the talk I’ll try to answer and discuss whatever questions you may have."
Petty Lane
Derry Hill
SN11 9QY