Calne Camera Club's Annual Battle - 21st November 2019

Date Published 
Sun 24 Nov 2019

This year's battle was once again held at Beversbrook with 9 clubs competing.

Each club was required to submit 10 images and a score out of 20 was awarded to each. Our judge this year: Darren, decided to weight his scoring as follows: points out of 12 for visual impact and points out of 8 for technical quality. All images were randomly mixed up and then projected on the very large screen. Darren commented on the very high quality of the images overall and also the fact that there was an incredible range of types of image, thus making judging them very difficult!

Darren limited his comments to mainly describing and complementing each image and he also allowed time, simply for each image to be digested and appreciated by the audience. Obviously his scoring of each image did not meet everyone's approval, but this is always the case! 

Overall the evening was very enjoyable for all concerned.

The results were as follows:

1st Frome Wessex  164 points

2nd Highworth       160 points

3rd Calne              158 points

Joint 4th   Corsham, Swindon, Warminster      152 points

7th Devizes           151 points

8th Royal Wootton Bassett    144 points

9th Stratton           121 points

Only 2 images achieved 19 points: 'Lone Tree' by Nick Jackson, Calne and 'Window Dancer' by a member from Frome Wessex with the Judge's Choice Trophy going to the latter.

In total 51 people attended and the event can be heralded a success.

Thanks must go to all those that helped put it together, it was a great team effort. Many thanks also to all those members who donated some quality raffle prizes and also to John Totten and his wife who enthusiastically sold the tickets.

Although income was slightly down on last year, expenses were also down thanks mainly to the raffle prizes being 100% donated, so all in all a very successful evening in many ways.


Thanks for the mention Kate, I hope you got a prize, also for publishing this results table