AGM pre-meeting

Mon 23 May 2022 7:30pm
SN11 9QY


Fellow Club Members
There is no doubt that Covid and the subsequent various 'lockdowns’ have had a deleterious effect on Calne Camera Club as an organisation. Those members who are comfortable with ‘zoom’ have had the benefit of some outstanding presentations including the most recent one on ‘long-ish exposure'. It is understandable that with the passage of time members not comfortable with 'zoom’ have found it more difficult to engage with the club programme. We have all missed hearing speakers or the anticipation of whether a visiting judge has chosen the image you thought best as the competition winner! It is probably fair to say that Covid made the Club somewhat impotent and the constitution somewhat redundant. Understandably some members may be feeling somewhat bereft of good times seemingly long passed. I strongly believe that within the Club we have members who have considerable photographic talent and also we have members who have considerable creative energy willing to make a contribution.
Whether you regard yourself as an active club member or a passive club member I very much hope you will support the initiative to elect a committee and to plan ahead. The current membership have an opportunity to express their views with a regard to how best to re-shape the Club for the next season and to elect a working committee with a chair person to take the Club forward. 
For my part I personally like the idea of having at least once a month meetings whereby we can assemble together, talk photography and perhaps resurrect competitions but also continue for the time being with some meetings on Zoom. An alternative plan might be to have 2 meetings a month; one on zoom and the other in the flesh. This option might be attractive as it will reduce the cost of running the club at at a time when funds are a bit low.The invitation to share ideas and discuss how to plan ahead comes at a critical time for the club because to be viable we probably need 20/25 members as well as some new committee members. It is also an opportunity to thank all those who have worked hard to provide a programme during the past couple of years.