Best of the Best competition and award evening

Mon 21 Dec 2020 7:30pm

This evening's event will be our annual 'Best of the Best' competition and annual awards. This will feature a competition between last season's best images from our club competitions to decide the best mono, best colour and best overall image, as well as the judge's favourite image. We will also announce the winners of our club league competition for the past year.

Lansdowne Hall
Petty Lane
Derry Hill
SN11 9QY


Thank you - that is something to look forward too! 

Will it be possible in some way for all  members to be given their scores for the league. I am not sure of the normal protocols for this but personally I would like to be told my score. 


Has this been set up as a zoom meeting?

Not yet, but it will be soon and a link sent out to the members via a bulletin.