Useful Links

Here are a few links which you may find useful.

Other Photographic Organisations

The Royal Photographic Society
Western Counties Photographic Federation
The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

Printers, Printing and other Photographic Supplies.

Proam Imaging - Photographic Printers
Dscolour Labs - Photographic Printers.
Paper Spectrum - for a range of mount boards
Fotospeed - High quality photo papers and inks.

For Projected Images.

Pixbuilder Studio Download - Free image editing software program for digital photo editing

Faststone Image Viewer – Image explorer and basic editor

Darktable - Free open source RAW image editor. Works similar to Adobe Lightroom

PicturesToExe - AV presentation software

Adobe TV The ultimate site for tutorials straight from the manufacturer.

You may also be interested in
. . . .The Adobe Photographers Cheat Sheet . . . . .Too many keyboard shortcuts to possibly remember.

Other Local Camera Clubs.